Live @ BSP Lounge (.04)

Coterminous Collectiv .04 features Industrial music manifested from several cross-collaborations by Collectiv artists!

Collectiv .04 Flyer

9:00 PM
Destructasaurus Rex (Hudson, NY)
The fossil record dates Destructasaurus Rex to late 2004, with the inception of a documentary soundtrack. During this era, evolutionary experiments in sound and structure gave rise to a new generation of lo-fi independent music, on the shores of Long Island; which helped form a diverse coalesence of stylistic and lyrical ideas. Over the eons a multitude of musical species appear sporadically, providing both a unique, personal method for each contributor, while fulfilling a constantly diverse, aesthetic progression.

Destructasaurus Rex’s current incarnation consists of Guldiopolis on electric cello, Woolydactyl on electric guitar, and Spurgeasaurus on gadgetry.

9:45 PM
The Big Metal Tubes (Ulster Co., NY)
A 3-piece experimental industrial band formed especially for this event, featuring Ben Surman on electronics, Craig Santiago (New Zion Trio/Acorn/Viva Pablo Santiago) on percussion, and Harry Matthews (sculptor & musician) on assorted unique handmade instruments of his own design, such as the helmetophone and the gorgonatar.

10:30 PM
Psychic Napalm (New Paltz, NY)
Take the phrases “Difficult listening”, “Irritainment”, “Spiritual sludge” and put other words around them, and you just may have a shot at describing these experiments in Industrial sounds. Psychic Napalm is the brainchild of Carl Welden and Dana Flavin.

11:15 PM
Chernobyl’s Children (Kingston, NY)
Psychotic sounds from neglected children featuring Bee Sleeve (of The Cubes), Zack Kollar (Barclay Heights), and Lex Echeverri (Indus_pro)

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