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The Coterminous Collectiv returns to BSP for a night of electronic music, multimedia, and movement in PERMUTATIONS.

Musicians Kristopher Bernard, Bob Lukomski, Liam Manning-Lundy, and Amanda Newman will join forces for the duration of the performance, collaborating in various permutations, creating a seamless presentation of sound, accompanied by video.

Belly dancers Donna Barrett, Reshkiga, and the Collectiv’s own, Ghost Orchid, will contribute movement throughout the evening to create a multidimensional artistic experience, unlike any other.

This is a truly unique opportunity to experience The Collectiv in their most theatrical capacity, inspired by the enveloping darkness of Autumn, as All Hallows’ Eve draws near.

Live @ BSP Lounge (.04)

Coterminous Collectiv .04 features Industrial music manifested from several cross-collaborations by Collectiv artists!

Collectiv .04 Flyer

9:00 PM
Destructasaurus Rex (Hudson, NY)
The fossil record dates Destructasaurus Rex to late 2004, with the inception of a documentary soundtrack. During this era, evolutionary experiments in sound and structure gave rise to a new generation of lo-fi independent music, on the shores of Long Island; which helped form a diverse coalesence of stylistic and lyrical ideas. Over the eons a multitude of musical species appear sporadically, providing both a unique, personal method for each contributor, while fulfilling a constantly diverse, aesthetic progression.

Destructasaurus Rex’s current incarnation consists of Guldiopolis on electric cello, Woolydactyl on electric guitar, and Spurgeasaurus on gadgetry.

9:45 PM
The Big Metal Tubes (Ulster Co., NY)
A 3-piece experimental industrial band formed especially for this event, featuring Ben Surman on electronics, Craig Santiago (New Zion Trio/Acorn/Viva Pablo Santiago) on percussion, and Harry Matthews (sculptor & musician) on assorted unique handmade instruments of his own design, such as the helmetophone and the gorgonatar.

10:30 PM
Psychic Napalm (New Paltz, NY)
Take the phrases “Difficult listening”, “Irritainment”, “Spiritual sludge” and put other words around them, and you just may have a shot at describing these experiments in Industrial sounds. Psychic Napalm is the brainchild of Carl Welden and Dana Flavin.

11:15 PM
Chernobyl’s Children (Kingston, NY)
Psychotic sounds from neglected children featuring Bee Sleeve (of The Cubes), Zack Kollar (Barclay Heights), and Lex Echeverri (Indus_pro)

July 5th Live @ The Lounge at BSP (.03)

We’re very happy to be returning to BSP in Kingston, NY for another showcase with the Thursday night Revue!

This time around, we’ll be featuring a selection of beat-driven electronic artists including:

Coterminous Collectiv Live .03

Broomhead/Snyder will kick off the evening with their unique and infectious blend of electronic hand-drumming, loop-based percussion, and progressive melodies.

Bob Lukomski will follow with a set of pulse-driven, rhythmic compositions, utilizing a variety of sequencers, synths, and gadgets. (His utilization of the iPhone as a tool for electronic music creation is nothing short of masterful!)

Stochastic will then bring us a dynamic mix of melancholia and overt happiness with a braindance driven industro-elektro breakbeat mash up.

Creeper will close out the evening with a set of heavy rhythms and complex melodies.

If we could describe these talented acts with one word, we’d be doing it wrong (so we’re not even going to try). But we will say this: you’re bound to hear something different, and you might even want to shake your booty to it.

Collectiv Interview on Kingston’s WGHQ

The lovely folks at WGHQ were kind enough to have us in for an interview last month. If you missed it the first time around, this is a great way to learn more about the Collectiv and some of the friendly folks behind it.

Featuring Carl Welden, Bob Lukomski, Amanda Newman, and Kristopher Bernard.

June 22nd Live @ Hangrr 18

Join the Collectiv for a night of experimental/noise/drone hosted by Chud Fusk of Inflatable Sex Babies!

We’re pleased to welcome Chud/John to our Collectiv roster, and are gracious to him for offering up his performance space (Hangrr 18) on 3rd Street in Hudson, NY. Legend has it that if you can find The Basilica, you’ll find Hangrr 18 nearby!

Also a big thanks to TJ Spurge (Spurgeasaurus Rex) of Destructasaurus Rex for our flyer and his help curating the entertainment for the evening! It’s bound to be a wild one!


May 24th Live at The Lounge @ BSP

This show will also be streamed live (for free) via:

The Collectiv @ WVKR

I’m pleased to report that we not only survived our first live radio show unscathed and without major technical difficulties, but we had a fantastic time joining Vassar for Radio Active Lunch!

Our set kicked off with an improv electronic jam by Psychic Napalm (consisting of Carl Welden on theremin/vox, Rob Snyder on laptop, and Dana Flavin on bass).

Bob Lukomski followed with a short solo set featuring sequenced analogue synths, vocoder, and an iPhone as a central processor. Stochastic (Kris Bernard) then contributed a dark & moody piece featuring granular synthesis and otherworldly vocal samples. Creeper (Jack Peeler) followed up with his signature gritty, glitch-y, and undeniably danceable sound. Ghost Orchid (Amanda Newman) then mixed things up with an electronic piece for sword dance, drawing influence from the middle and far east.

The set was rounded out by an improvisational jam featuring several of today’s Collectiv performers.

Here’s what it looked like behind the scenes…

Sadly due to technical difficulty (the only one!) we were unable to get a recording of our set for the archives. If anyone listening to the stream happens to have one, we would love to get a copy.

The Collectiv LIVE on WVKR 91.3FM

Tune into Vassar’s WVKR 91.3FM on Wednesday April 11th from noon to 1PM.

The Coterminous Collectiv will be playing an hour of live electronic music on the air. We will make your lunch hour better!

Not local? You can stream us live on the web at: