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April on the Airwaves… May in the Flesh

I can’t believe so much has happened since our first meet & greet on March 6th. Early this year, The Coterminous Collectiv was merely a concept. We had no idea who we would find, or if anyone would even be interested in meeting us. We reached out via Soundcloud, Facebook, and a slew of fliers peppered across the Hudson Valley, wondering who would be crazy enough to come out to a coffee shop in New Paltz and meet a bunch of strangers claiming to make noises.

Since then, this mere concept has become a reality, gaining the kind of momentum you hope for, but don’t want to allow yourself to expect.

The collectiv is now nearing 20-strong (and we continue to grow!). As our roster gets longer, our network grows on an exponential level, bringing us diverse opportunities for artistic collaboration and events in an area that in recent years had become a barren wasteland for electronic musicians

We’re creating a scene here in the Hudson Valley… and word of this has spread to the far reaches of the state. Our music is being heard everywhere. We are on the map, baby!

This month we played on Vassar’s WVKR (thanks to an invite that came to us via Dana Flavin), and will be working to organize a show in Kingston, NY at BSP in late May. I couldn’t be more excited!

If you’re a local electronic musician, circuit bender, builder of instruments, experimental film-maker, performance artist, etc., please consider stopping by our next meetup on Wednesday April 25th. We’ll be gathering at Cafeteria on Main St. in New Paltz at 7 PM.